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VOLUME 4 , ISSUE 3 ( July-September, 2018 ) > List of Articles


Clinicopathological Study of Testicular Tumors

PS Sharmila, Ashwin P Surhonne, Alka V Gosavi, Shobhana R Agashe, Molly A Phansopkar

Keywords : Frequency, Germ cell tumor, Testicular tumor, Testis

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10045-0088

License: NA

Published Online: 01-10-2018

Copyright Statement:  NA


Objective: Clinicopathological analysis of testicular tumors as per World Health Organisation (WHO) classification. Materials and methods: All consecutive cases of testicular tumors diagnosed in the department of pathology for five year were included in this study. Results: During the span of five years, total 59 cases of testicular tumors were diagnosed. Scrotal mass or swelling was the predominant mode of presentation. Germ cell tumors constituted 89.8% (n = 53) of all testicular neoplasms in which seminoma 32.2% and teratocarcinoma 13.4% were present. Yolk-sac tumor (5.1%) was the commonest testicular neoplasm in children while lymphoma (8.5%) was the predominant neoplasm in elderly population. One case of leukemic infiltration of testis (1.7%) in a known patient of acute lymphocytic leukemia after chemotherapy was also observed. Conclusion: In this study clinical presentation, age, and frequency of testicular tumors, with few exceptions are similar to other studies from different parts of country, confirming similarity in international literature.

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